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Aug 27, 2023

30 Best Ways to Dress Your Dog for Your Wedding

From mini outfits to fresh floral collars, we're sharing the cutest ways to ensure your pup looks like the guest of honor on the big day. Photo by Ryan Ray Photography Weddings are family affairs, but

From mini outfits to fresh floral collars, we're sharing the cutest ways to ensure your pup looks like the guest of honor on the big day.

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography

Weddings are family affairs, but it's important to remember that families are not always limited to two-legged members. For many couples, a shared dog is a special part of the household—someone who has been with them long before an engagement ring and wedding-planning binder were part of the equation. While there are plenty of sweet ways to include your pup in the wedding, such as including them in a wedding crest, naming a signature cocktail in their honor, or printing their picture onto drink napkins, we think there's nothing better than having them right there with you on the big day.

If you plan on extending a wedding invitation to your dog, it's important that they dress the part. Here, we're sharing 30 adorable ways to dress you pup up for the ceremony and reception. Whether you want to go all-out with a full suit or wedding dress or prefer something simple like a floral collar, you're bound to find an idea to inspire you here.

Photo by Samm Blake

If you're asking your entire guest list to arrive in formal attire, why not have your dog dress the part, too? At this summer wedding in Brooklyn, the couple's adorable little pup donned a classic black tuxedo.

Photo by Stetten Wilson

As flower girl at her owners' wedding in Antigua, this midnight black dog donned a white faux flower collar that stood out beautifully against her black fur. If you want to ensure your pup's attire pops, picking something that contrasts with the color of their fur is a wise idea.

Photo by Bo Shim

Considering the fact that this New York City wedding ceremony included a stunning display of hydrangeas, it made sense that the couple's adorable white dog donned a thematic collar of blue blooms. Plus, the contrast of the pale blue flowers against the pup's fluffy white fur made quite the statement. For a similar look, work with your florist on an arrangement that both matches the rest of your floral décor and will hold up well through portraits and the ceremony.

Photo by Alicia Mink Photography

Who says dogs can’t wear fine jewelry? At this romantic California wedding, the elegant bride walked down the aisle wearing pearls, so it was only fitting that her 14-year-old Maltipoo did, too.

Photo by Perry Vaile

This adorable puppy got all gussied up in a collar made of greenery and colorful flowers that matched the bride’s bouquet and the overarching floral palette at a springtime wedding in South Carolina.

Photo by Sanaz Photography

On the subject of mini-me’s, these two fluffy pups dressed appropriately for their owners' Los Angeles wedding by wearing mini wedding dresses. If your dog will tolerate a more significant outfit, you can't get any cuter than this.

Photo by Jose Villa

While we love a greenery collar, there's no rule that says that's your only floral option. Take things up a notch with a full greenery leash. It’s whimsical and romantic, and is an especially good choice if you know your pup will need a little guidance down the aisle.

Photo by Blue Note Weddings

If you're hosting a cultural celebration—in this case, a Jewish-Korean wedding in San Francisco—it makes sense to dress your pup for the occasion, too. This four-legged flower girl donned a mini version of a traditional Korean hanbok as a way to pay homage to the heritage and culture celebrated by her owners.

Photo by Bonnie Sen Photography

At this modern wedding in Washington, D.C., the couple's dog, Panda, served as the “Dog of Honor,” walking down the aisle in a floral collar alongside the best man. We love this look for any style wedding, but especially those in garden-inspired settings.

Photo by Laura Gordon Photography

Flowers aren't the only option you have when it comes to dressing up your pup. A simple greenery collar is a classic and elegant look on any type or size of dog, and it was the perfect look for an understated at-home wedding in North Carolina.

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography

Simple. Elegant. Debonair. You can’t go wrong with a classic black bow tie—on humans or dogs—as evidenced by the happy and handsome pup in attendance at his owners' outdoor wedding in Palm Springs.

Photo by Lulan Studio

Who needs groomsmen when you have groomsdogs instead? To showcase the special role their three pups play in their family, this couple dressed their beloved pets in mini black tuxedos to match their own attire for a tropical wedding in Malibu.

Photo by Laura Murray Photography

You know your pup better than anyone, so if you anticipate that ornate floral garlands or clothing they're not used to won't be well-received on the wedding day, skip it! As evidenced by the sweet pup at this couple's Brooklyn wedding, a simple ribbon bow in place of a traditional collar can be just as impactful as more over-the-top accents.

Photo by Valorie Darling Photography

As a guest, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed; you can apply that same thought to your pup's wedding attire. This little dog donned a black bow tie for his owners' beachfront celebration, and while it was a bit more formal than the rest of the party, no one could argue that he was the best-dressed guest on the sand.

Photo by Biancca Wallace of Bourdon & Co.

Hosting an ultra-formal white-tie wedding? Your dogs can heed that attire request in the same ways guests will. At this mid-century-inspired wedding, the couple chose crisp white tuxedos for their pets.

Photo by Anée Atelier

The grooms at this wedding donned matching sharp blue tuxedos, so they had their adorable dog wear something coordinating. Serving as ring bearer, Nanuq wore a blue and white doggy tux to his owners' wedding at Dodger Stadium.

Photo by Deborah Ann Photography

Getting creative with her “something blue,” the bride at this garden wedding in Brooklyn dressed her pooch in a playful baby blue fur sweater. This is a fun way to fulfill a part of the age-old wedding rhyme and a good option for keeping your pup warm on a cooler day.

Photo by Caroline Lima Photography

At this colorful Indian wedding, stunning traditional attire was on full display. To ensure their pop was equally well-dressed, the bride and groom found a neckerchief made of a metallic silver material that was befitting of the day's festive vibe.

Photo by Eve Yarbrough

Baby’s breath is a classic wedding flower, but it's also surprisingly sturdy. For this elegant and traditional spring wedding, the couple had their florist create a custom collar of the bloom for their Border-Aussie puppy to wear during portraits and down the aisle.

Photo by PS Photography + Films

For a smaller dog—or if you know your pup would be happier with a more minimal look—a single flower might be a better choice than a full collar of blooms. The good news? The look can be just as impactful, as evidenced by the accessory this pup wore for a wedding in Miami.

Photo by Kurt Boomer Photography

A wreath will fit your pup more like a necklace than a tight collar. At this Big Sur wedding, the couples' dog, Kea, served as the flower girl in a pretty blush and white floral wreath. It's a statement-making option that works best on dogs that regularly wear accessories and won't try to fight with the blooms.

Photo by Jenn Emerling

There's nothing wrong with updating your pup's everyday attire to make their look a bit more wedding worthy. At this coastal wedding, the couple's dog, Piper, wore a more elevated version of her everyday bandana to befit the occasion while still remaining comfortable.

Photo by Paige Vaughn Photo

Want your pup to wear flowers without actually affixing any blooms to their collar? You can't go wrong with a custom bandana. Tiny Spartacus got into the wedding theme at this Austin celebration by wearing a lightweight bandana made from the couples' special big-day fabric.

Photo by The Present Perfect

Warm colors like pink, orange, and red were the chosen color scheme at this California wedding. If you're going similarly bold with your own big-day hues, make sure your pup dresses the part. A floral collar of deep, bold hues popped against his largely white fur.

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Tired of the classic collar of greenery and blooms? Add in some textural elements, like ribbons and bows. This pup looked adorable walking down the aisle as flower girl at her owners' wedding in Napa Valley.

Photo by Trevor Mark Photography

As a playful touch at their New Orlean's wedding, this couple had a special cape created for their dog that showcased the important role he had on the big day. The black cape was embroidered with "Best Dog" inside a heart, but you could work with a seamstress to create any messaging you'd like.

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

Sometimes less is more, and that's especially true when it comes to attire for dogs. If you think they'll spend the entire ceremony chewing on their collar, a small cluster of flowers affixed to a standard collar is a good alternative to a full wreath.

Photo by Heather Hawkins Photography

Make your dog look like a true god or goddess on the big day by dressing them in a Grecian-style wreath. We love the look of this one, made of fresh bay leaves and spray roses, but any mix that fits with the rest of your floral décor will work.

Photo by Jacque Lynn

For a cold-weather wedding, a collar of evergreen boughs and winter berries can't be beat. We love how the hues pop on this sweet husky.

Photo by Leslee Mitchell

To match the bride's blush rose wedding bouquet, this sweet pup wore a collar of the same blooms down the aisle. If you love cohesion, working with your florist on something similar using your own big-day blooms is a great idea.