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Jun 10, 2023

9 best dog raincoats to buy in 2023

WE all love to treat our four-legged friends to their daily walks, but the colder and wetter months call for an extra layer of protection. Take a look at our round-up of the best raincoats for your

WE all love to treat our four-legged friends to their daily walks, but the colder and wetter months call for an extra layer of protection.

Take a look at our round-up of the best raincoats for your furry friends that will keep the warm and dry this winter.

When it comes to winter we all know the necessity of a decent winter coat that keeps us protected from the elements, and the same goes for man's best friend.

Not only will they look adorable, but it's practical too — you will save on extra bath times by keeping your furry friend dry and mud-free when out on their walks.

You'll also be able to keep on top of the all-important daily walk no matter the weather.

We have rounded up all the best options on the market including reflective, waterproof, padded, and hooded raincoats that are practical and stylish.

Read on for the best dog raincoats for any budget below.

This stylish raincoat comes in a highly visible neon fabric in a beautiful teal color and also features reflective piping for added safety.

It also features Elasto-Fit technology that expands to hug your dog's body shape to make life easier when putting the raincoat on.

This yellow raincoat comes with a rubber-ducky shell fabric that repels rain and is designed with full-belly coverage to ensure your pooch stays dry and clean in all weather.

It also has a snapback hood with reflective trim for safety and two functional pockets that provide convenient storage for dog bags or treats.

This Frisco bundle is perfect for larger dogs and comes with a bright yellow raincoat with a reflective strip and a transparent Frisco raincoat to let you see all of your dog.

Both come with hoods and secure belly straps for better coverage and feature a leash hole for easy access to a collar or harness.

This red raincoat features a waterproof polyester material that is wear-resistant, easy to clean, and comfortable for your pup.

It features full body coverage and comes with a hood with transparent visor, allowing your dog to enjoy their daily walk in all conditions and stay dry and clean.

This smart black raincoat features breathable and high-quality waterproof material with high-visibility reflective straps on the hat and back.

It also comes with a hood and two buttoned pockets on the back that allow you to store dog bags or treats.

This raincoat is perfect for medium to large dogs and is suited to those bitter winter conditions and has a highly-reflective trim on the neck and back.

It comes with a high-quality waterproof fabric and features a polar fleece lining and turtleneck collar design to protect them from the cold weather.

This highly visible reflective raincoat is made from 100% polyester waterproof fabric and is lightweight and will ensure your dog is visible even in the darkest conditions.

It features an elastic adjustment cap buckle to adjust the size of the hood and is designed to be worn over other accessories like a harness.

This light pink raincoat comes with fully illuminating fabric to ensure visibility and is completely waterproof.

The brand claims to offer human-grade pet essentials, the coat comes with adjustable leg and neck straps for comfort and is also available in a bright yellow.

This dark teal raincoat ensures your dog stays dry and warm on those rainy walks and features a name tag on the inside lining.

It features a high-neck design and is made from ripstop material made of woven fabrics that are resistant to tearing or ripping.

The best raincoat for your dog depends on their needs and where or when you plan to walk them.

For instance, if you walk them in muddy areas where they are sure to get dirty, opt for a raincoat with more coverage, or if it gets very dark with little lighting opt for a bright reflective raincoat for safety.

Dogs are very resilient but when you can provide them an extra layer of protection it won't harm them.

As long as you ensure you measure your dog and purchase the correct size for them that allows them to be comfortable and safe then it's perfectly practical for them to wear a raincoat.

There are lots of retailers that carry dog raincoats, but while searching the web for the best on the market our stand-out favorites were:

If you shop around you can find lots of deals and sales on dog raincoats and they are lots of affordable options.

You can pick up many options in the range of $20 to $40, while there are more expensive options that can range from $50 to $80.

But no matter your budget you can find a dog raincoat that will last a lifetime that offers everything you will need to keep them warm and safe.

The most important first step to take is to ensure you are purchasing the correct size for your dog, and most retailers offer size guides to make this easy.

You should then consider what your needs are but as a rule of thumb, you should make sure your purchase has a reflective element for safety on dark roads, is waterproof, and provides enough coverage.

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