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Jun 11, 2023

These Dog Raincoats Will Help Keep Your Loyal Companion Dry

Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Why Trust Us? These adorable raincoats keep your pup dry from nose to tail. The best cure for a

Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Why Trust Us?

These adorable raincoats keep your pup dry from nose to tail.

The best cure for a gloomy day: a dog bedecked in their very own raincoat. Not only are raincoats for dogs impossibly adorable, they’re also surprisingly practical. Whether your dog is an avid puddle-jumper or dreads going potty in the rain, weather-appropriate attire is a game changer.

With a waterproof rain jacket, you don’t have to come inside to that burst of chaos as your dog tries to dry off. No more rainy day zoomies, no more shake-spraying rainwater everywhere, and best of all, no more eau de wet dog all over the furniture.

Sizes: The majority of dog raincoats come in just a few basic sizes, and may only be suitable for certain breeds. There are no standardized sizes, so a dog that fits a “small” in one brand might be a “large” in another. To ensure the perfect fit, measure your dog according to the manufacturer’s size chart, which will typically use your dog’s back length (from base of the neck to base of their tail) or their chest girth (around the widest part of their ribcage).

Coverage: Dog raincoats come in different styles that offer partial to complete coverage. Many have a hood that can keep your dog’s neck, head, and ears dry, but some dogs won’t wear it, and it can get in the way if it’s not removable or adjustable. Some coats offer belly coverage, which you might prioritize for short-legged dogs or those with long fur that can drag through puddles or wet grass.

Closures: Hook-and-loop closures are a popular choice because they’re easy to use and somewhat adjustable, but these can get clogged with fur and lose stickiness. Think about whether you’d prefer simple closures to get out the door quickly, or if your dog needs more protection with multiple watertight closures like zippers.

Most of my recommendations are raincoats manufactured by pet product brands that I’ve had excellent experiences with, or that I’ve learned from through fellow bloggers and pet product reviewers. I also looked for raincoats that earned hundreds of raving reviews from pet parents like you. My dogs Matilda and Cow helped me test several designs on long, rainy walks to see which designs and which features offered the most coverage without sacrificing comfort.

From affordable ponchos that start from just $11 to a custom-fit coat that runs over $90, these are my top recommendations for dog raincoats that will keep your dog warm and dry, whatever the weather.

Voyagers K9 Apparel is a small business that carries breed-specific apparel for 24 different dog breeds with four size options for each breed, and you can even have a coat custom made to fit your mixed-breed pup’s exact measurements. Starting at $94, they’re spendier than other dog raincoats but should last a lifetime. My favorite of its stand-out features is the Taslan nylon exterior—it’s waterproof but it’s also soft, not “crinkly,” dampening the loud pitter-patter of falling raindrops.

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The Ruffwear Sun Shower’s design features their signature “Tail Gate” patterning and overlapping chest panels to keep dogs dry even when it’s raining sideways. The elastic hind leg straps keep the coat in place in windy conditions. The extended back length and fold-up storm collar help keep dogs dry without restricting their movement, and the lightweight ripstop shell keeps wind and rain out without overheating on warmer rainy days.

The Torrential Tracker from Canada Pooch offers full chest and belly coverage, making it a great option for short-legged dogs and those with long belly fur, which tends to get soaked when they run through puddles. The hood has a built-in visor that keeps rain out of your dog’s eyes, but some found it to get in the way of their dog’s line of vision. Most reviewers preferred to keep the hood folded back, where it still offers some neck protection. Note that some reviewers also had a hard time reaching under their dog to secure the dual strap belly closure.

The Rain Blocker from Hurtta offers full body protection from the rain with a high collar, long front sleeves, and an extended back length. It comes in numerous sizes and features multiple points of adjustment to ensure the perfect fit. The Rain Blocker is unlined, making it suitable for keeping dogs dry in summer rain storms without overheating. In the winter, it’s great for keeping snowballs from forming on long fur.

The Packable Rain Poncho from RC Pets is an affordable, functional, and pretty darn cute solution if you don’t get a lot of rain or just need a spare dog raincoat to keep in your car. It folds up into a tiny matching bag with a strap for compact storage. It’s lightweight and may flip up in the back if you’re caught in a windy storm, but it’ll keep your dog dry (and so stylish!) during a quick potty trip in light to moderate rain.

If you’d like the packability of a poncho with the coverage and features of an everyday raincoat, the OwnPets Foldable Dog Raincoat is a perfect match. It folds up into a built-in pouch that becomes a pocket for your dog to carry their own poop bags or treats. It has a belly panel and adjustable hood for full body coverage, plus an adjustable waistband with a buckle for easy fitting.

The Brady Waterproof Coat with Built-in Harness from Alfie Pet is the fastest way to get your dog ready for a rainy walk. You just place it on the floor, help your dog step into the sleeves, and zip it up over their back and clip on a leash. The built-in harness is adjustable for a perfect fit around their chest.

While you can’t go wrong with a classic yellow raincoat, four-legged fashionistas might just need an HDE Dog Raincoat in every adorable print. You can choose from rubber duckies, frogs, whales, sharks, or my personal favorite:the “raining cats and dogs” design. The raincoat itself is decent quality for the low price, with unlined, waterproof polyester and a Velcro closure at the chest and belly.

PM: Do dogs need raincoats?

LP: Some breeds tolerate rain better than others. Poodles and retrievers have a dense, oily coat that repels water, but it’s not totally waterproof in heavy rain. For dogs with short, fine coats, it can take just a few moments for the rain to soak them to the skin. Keeping your dog dry in the rain means you won’t have to towel them off when you get inside. You also won’t get so much of that wet dog smell, which comes from the water bringing out the natural oils and beneficial bacteria on your dog’s skin. Some dogs are sensitive to excessive moisture, which can cause yeast overgrowth and skin infections or ear infections if they’re not dried properly after they come inside.

PM: Can my dog wear a raincoat in cold weather?

LP: Most dog raincoats are lightweight so your dog won’t get overheated in summer rains. You can layer a sweater underneath on chilly days.

Lindsay Pevny is a pet-industry writer who has worked closely over the past decade with pet professionals to spread the word about innovations in behavioral training, veterinary care, and household products that make our pets’ lives happier, healthier, and most important, longer. Through her Popular Mechanics contributions, she features the best pet products to free up those busy shopping fingers for belly rubs and behind-the-ear scratches. When she’s not writing about pets, she’s making homemade pizza, hunting for mushrooms, and snuggling with her dogs, Matilda and Cow, and her cat Sabrina.

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