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Jun 19, 2023

Daniel Negreanu Guest Stars... at a College Home Game!

Everyone has that memory of the last time their friends were all together before they left for college, going their separate ways to forge different futures and spread their wings. It’s unlikely that

Everyone has that memory of the last time their friends were all together before they left for college, going their separate ways to forge different futures and spread their wings. It’s unlikely that anyone has the kind of story one set of friends have this Monday morning when they wake up, however.

Bumping into Daniel Negreanu on a dog walk, one brave student asked if ‘Kid Poker’ would mind stopping by and saying hi to the poker kids as they gathered around the table for their final home game before leaving for college. The six-time WSOP bracelet winner and Poker Hall of Famer did better than that… he played in the game!

Over the years, Daniel Negreanu has become the ever-present poker player and without doubt the biggest ambassador the game has ever had. Thanks to that reputation, fans of his poker celebrity have tried plenty of tricks in order to get him to sign a treasured possession, take a selfie or even get hold of his hotel room number to ask if he’ll stake their next tournament! Kid Poker is in demand and always seems ready with a grin for a selfie and an autograph. He’s the player that loves to give… but never like he did tonight.

Out walking his dogs, ‘DNegs’ was met by a UNLV Civil Engineering student who plucked up the courage to ask if the Canadian all-time money list poker legend would be kind enough to turn up at his last home game before college and say hi to his friends. Negreanu let Twitter decide and the results were overwhelming.

Walking the dogs a kid in a suit comes up to me and says, “My friends are coming over in an hour playing our last poker game before going off to college. I know it’s a lot to ask, but will you stop by and say hello to them?”

If you were me, would you go or no?

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) August 7, 2023

It’s worth mentioning here that Negreanu had never met the kid in question before. One follower asked why he was walking the dogs himself given he’s able to afford dog walkers.

“I like walking the dogs” Negreanu replied. “You think I’m a cripple or something?”

As Twitter voted on whether Kid Poker should get down with the kids, one of those college teenagers, Ryan, posted a picture in reply begging the poker legend to attend.

Please come at 7:30!! Whenever you’re ready Mr.Negreanu! pic.twitter.com/BRn6vGaF8l

— ryanz (@__ryanz) August 7, 2023

Poker Twitter was alight, with Matt Berkey speaking for most when he said, “We ALL know you’re going.” Landon Tice agreed, going even further. “He obviously played in the game with them.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Landon Tice was not wrong.

Negreanu replied: “Ok boys, hang tight and I’ll be there after dinner 9pm.”

Arriving as promised at 9pm, Negreanu arrived bearing gifts. It’s fair to say that the home game of the century couldn’t quite believe that Negreanu was actually in the room, handing out hoodies. The chips were already on the table and everyone had dressed up.

One fan had responded on Twitter, saying: “Def needs to vlog this! Would’ve been my dream come true a few years ago.”

That poker fan needn’t have worried, Kid Poker came with his trusty vlogging camera in tow.

I come with gifts! https://t.co/qtDsXwhiPD pic.twitter.com/QV0I82q9Iz

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) August 7, 2023

“All right! These boys play high stakes, I got a hundred dollars says I can beat them.” Said Negreanu, sitting down as they gave him his chips. He was happy to throw $50 right into their college funds for nothing. The ambiance was quite different from the kind of poker room Negreanu is used to, as he described the bunch as listening to classical music while they play.

These kids were clearly the future, but who were they and what were they off to college to study?

Negreanu got the ‘lowdown’ on what each player was heading off to study and where. The atmosphere was rocking, with some truly gifted kids clearly all off to change the world and make it a better place.

Introducing the final table https://t.co/phf7Miahsh pic.twitter.com/HN2f2AyfMN

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) August 7, 2023

Daniel Negreanu’s hand breakdowns on his video blogs entertain millions during the summer in Vegas and around the world. But it doesn’t need to be a hand worth $100,000 in equity or a seat in the next day of a World Series bracelet event to be entertaining. A hilarious pre-bet fold and a river bluff led to plenty of laughter at the home game felt.

Gangster aggro player on my right.

Hand breakdown below

👇🏿 https://t.co/tbRadcVIAF pic.twitter.com/2SftQvc3Wi

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) August 7, 2023

Soon, Negreanu was at risk and he was all-in… with . Called by a young man egged on to do so with , could Kid Poker survive? You bet he could. A flop of put Negreanu into the lead and a [ turn and river confirmed his double-up.

Huge all in moment last hand of the night for me… pic.twitter.com/sFLr6kQcB9

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) August 7, 2023

That was, however, the last hand of the night for Negreanu as he made his way into the night to return home, leaving the ‘kids’ with poker memories that will last forever. But don’t worry, if you thought he took his money with him.

“I’d bet a significant portion of my net worth that Daniel gave any money he won back to the lads in some way shape or form either before or after he left.” Said one of Negreanu’s followers, Matthew on Twitter. Negreanu confirmed that was the case shortly after.

Good read! I told them to put $5 in each pot until it’s all gone https://t.co/X2fSm04q6Z

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) August 7, 2023

Kid Poker kept the kids playing for it, and with that, they learned the best lesson they could before heading to college. Dream big, push for what you dream of and if you’re nice to people, then great things can happen to you…. and hey, you might even get to take a pot off Kid Poker one day.

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